If you are looking to bottle spirits or liqueurs, you can’t go far wrong with the big brother to our single head Enolmatic vacuum filler: The 4 nozzle Enolmaster vacuum filler.

The Italian manufactured Enolmaster has a high build quality and we supply them with stainless steel filler nozzles and pump casing. They’re simple to operate, easy to maintain and having plenty of options available to accommodate the majority of bottle types and sizes. Their are 2 models available, the standard Enolmaster for bottling products up to 40% ABV; and the Pneumatic Enolmaster for bottling products over 40% ABV – a compressor is required to operate the latter. They are also suitable for other free running or slightly viscous products, e.g., wine (still), cider (still) & oils.

Vacuum fillers are ideal for liqueurs and spirits as the product doesn’t come into direct contact with the pump or mechanical components, so no wear is caused here. Your product is drawn via vacuum into the bottle, automatically stopping once the correct fill level is reached.

Using the standard Enolmaster, you can expect to achieve a rate up to 600 bottles per hour, and up to 500 bottles per hour for the Pneumatic Enolmaster, depending on the product, bottle size and the operator.

Additional options available include …

  1. An in-line product filter
  2. Nozzles to accommodate miniature bottles
  3. An ‘oil bath filter’ which prevents potential damage to the pump when filling drinks with a high sugar content that can cause crystallisation damage inside the vacuum pump
  4. Customised interchangeable nozzles (to replace all the standard nozzles for nozzles for miniature bottles) or a combination of both sizes on one T bar to suit

To discuss vacuum fillers with us, please call us on UK 01404 892100. We also supply fillers with much faster fill rates than can be achieved using the Enolmaster — our automated Cimec lines, starting at around 1000 bottles per hour.

We look forward to hearing from you.

From the team at Vigo Ltd

Published by Vigo Ltd

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