Getting your beer into keg opens up a route to market in pubs and bars where fridge space is often at a real premium, but keg rotation is more accessible. With kegs, you can also package your own product for festivals and events, exposing the beer you’ve worked hard to brew to large numbers of interested customers!

Packaging in kegs, compared to small pack, is extremely quick and easy, and the semi-automatic and automatic keg fillers we supply can be setup to handle a wide range of keg variations (both one-way and standard).

If you are looking to add a manual option from your existing brite tank initially, then we can help with supply of a solution to test the market. Once you are happy that this is a solution you wish to take forward, we are proud to work with established German keg system manufacturer Malek Brautech to offer semi-automatic and automatic keg cleaners/fillers to the UK market. Malek Brautech’s international customers include Diageo Group/ Guinness Brewery (Dublin), Efes Group (Efes Pilsen), and König Brewery (Germany).

The Malek range covers 15 kegs per hour up to 120 kegs per hour. Malek are patent holders and the combination of Malek’s product expertise and build quality along with our engineering support — in terms of personnel, installation and maintenance — we are able to offer a solid and comprehensive solution.

If you’re considering packaging in kegs, here are some things you’ll need to consider when you contact us …

  1. What keg fitting types you are looking to work with?
  2. Are you looking to clean and/or fill kegs?
  3. Do you use oneway/disposable kegs either now or are you considering them in the future?
  4. Do you have a steam generator on site? — If not we can offer chemical sanitizing
  5. Do you have an HLT (hot liquor tank) on site?
  6. What kegs per hour clean/fill rate is required?

We look forward to discussion your options with you. Please call either Andy or Rich on UK 01404 892100.

From the team at Vigo Ltd

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